Testimonials - Wound Care

FISKES Hoof & Hide Balm OR the Skin and Wound Salve (thickened version of the balm/oil) can be used to treat every injury, from the small nick, or bite or scratch to the very large horrific injuries in many animals – horses, cows, sheep, goats, dogs and more.  It is a soothing, non-stinging natural anti-inflammatory with a natural pain reliever and it prevents infection by disinfecting and covering the area, blocking dirt/water but very importantly allowing the wounds to breathe and heal from the inside out, keeping the area moist, soft and supple disallowing the build up of proud flesh! 

FISKE’S Hoof & Hide Balm is also effective as a liniment. It is very soothing for sprains or stiff muscles and joints in any animal – it’s very soothing, warms when it needs to, and cools when it must – with built in (wintergreen) pain relief & takes out swelling too – a great combination of ingredients that work together to heal and refresh.

(And – it’s great therapy for your own sore muscles or sprains – massage on your horse or yourself!  Bonus!  It will leave your hands super soft too!!) 

Check out these testimonials! ...

Some of the photos you may see on this page, maybe graphic, and offend some viewers.

We got to the barn just after 4pm and my daughter's went up to the paddock with the barn manager to bring in Classy for her dinner. As I was getting Classy's treats of carrots, apples, oats and cinnamon ready, all I heard was the manager yell to me.. "Don't panic ! there's a lot of blood, but she will be okay"...

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Mule Wound Testimonial

...46 days the Vet was so impressed with her progress Joy (my molly mule) got her freedom and was turned out to romp, buck, and roll on the dirt, all which she did in a matter if seconds.

The vet said that she has never seen an animal with such a wound come back so fast...

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Stream's Injury's - How Fiske's Helped

...It truly did help heal my horse’s neck in such a short period of time. There is only one tiny patch and I will continue to use the product on it. All of the hair is growing in as it normally would. I was very scared that she would never heal, or look the same. It is looking more and healthier every single day. I will continue to use Fiske’s and tell people about this product, as Streams recovery continues...

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Smokey's Injury's - How Fiske's Helped

...I know God sent me to Fiske’s Horse Care Products site. I emailed them, and the support started there. Daily emails from up to 5-6 people...with helpful advice. Things I didn't think of. When I had a question, I had replies with in minutes. I mean every word I am saying, unbelievable customer support...

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Rosie and Regan - How Fiske's Helped

...Fiske’s has a poulticing effect, so it tends to suck out all of the yucky stuff out of her leg on a daily basis, however it is gentle enough to use on a delicate injury like this. It is also a natural product with no nasties in it so I don’t feel weird having it in the barn or the house. I like Fiske’s so much that it is my new everyday barn ointment. Everyone should have some in there first aid kit as it serves minor cuts and boo boos to something as horrific as my mare’s injury. I even use it on the dog now...

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Bruce Koch Testimonial

...It keeps things moist, it’s easy to  apply and keeps the healing process working and improvement can be seen on an ongoing basis.

It saved my horse and that is all that matters. I also use it myself, I suffer from dry cracked hands and this makes them better...

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Lady - Terrible Injury - Amazing Results

...Not only did Fiske’s keep the flies off as well as stop Lady from chewing at the wound, but the rate in which the wound has been healing is beyond my wildest dreams. The wound has filled in and healed and all new skin around the wound has grown new hair.
The ease of application with the built in brush in the hoof and hide balm not only made the whole process easier on me but also easier on Lady as the brush is soft and coverage quick...

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Callie - Hoof Injury

“Callie is our donkey and when we bought   him, he had been left way too long in dirt   stable under a lean-to of a cattle barn.  David Hayne, our Farrier, has been working with     him for about a year and we are almost getting to the end of having a completely new hoof grown out! Under David’s instruction we soak his feet in Epsom salts and he had gotten Fiske’s every third day for a year.  He’s doing really well now.”

May 2008 (Before) - May 2009 (After)

Callie from Guysborough County, NS

Shearing Accident

"Baa" is now running and playing again. Her hide is slowing filling back in. Thank you Fiske's for being there in the tack room and Melanie for being there on the phone to encourage us.”          

From Ron & Pam Mackenzie, RPM Stables,

Brentwood; Brookfield, Nova Scotia     Oct. 12, 2009

Wire Cut Healed By Fiske's

...I have attached some before and after pictures of the poster child for Fiske's, she is a three year old Cremello filly, registered AQHA Bar D Jinx.  She had a wire cut on the inside right hock and a wire cut that could have severed the bulbs of her heeels, which I cleaned up, photographed and applied Fiske's to.  That is the only treatment I used on these cuts.  As you can see from the "after" shots, they healed nicely...

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Cochrane, AB