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Fabulous daily conditioner in dry or wet seasons! In wet conditions – helps prevent thrush as well as treats thrush very quickly, conditions the hoof while oils and beeswax create natural barrier keeping excess moisture OUT while allowing hoof to breathe  - NO silicone in it to clog it up!  In dry times prevents cracks and keeps hoof moist, promotes circulation and increases growth rate. 


Even Famous Horses Use It!

“The Beach” has been totted as the “Wayne Gretzky of the horse world!”

SBSW ("Beach") set 4 world records, won 20 of 21 career starts earning more than $3 million.  He retired after his 3 year old year and is standing stud in the US.


Among it’s many uses, it is also the  Ultimate All Natural  HOOF DRESSING!  Recommended by many farriers! Excellent therapy for dry, brittle hooves, thrush, use for maintaining good condition in too wet or too dry conditions! Some of the photos you may see on this page, maybe graphic, and offend some viewers.

Hoof Abscess

...you don't really have to understand this but I wanted you to know that I am forever seeing how far FISKES can go in helping out lame horses!..

David Hayne, Farrier

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Fiske's Hoof & Hide Balm and the Skin & Wound Salve is absolutely the best hoof care product I have ever used. It stays on much longer than other products & my horse’s feet have never looked healthier!"

 Euro Equestrian Supplies, Debbie Fantin - Grand Lake, NS
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“Hi Melanie, just a quick note to say how nice it was to meet you in Truro at the Atlantic Horse Fair.  I will NEVER be without your product in my stable ever since I purchased a QH filly from Manitoba that had a quarter crack in her front hoof.  I applied Fiske Hoof Balm starting in October and by Christmas the hoof had grown out and you would never know there had been a crack !  I also use it on any scrapes, cuts, warts and itchy spots.”      

Kenda Grant.

Alanna and Ginger

Alanna and Ginger


Hi Melanie
I am Alanna from North River Riders Horse Club.  I was told about your product, being wonderful and that it was good for everything.  Now I am not the type of person to try new things I usually stick with what I use.  But my cousin just bought a horse and it had a bad break from the cornet band all the way down the hoof, when I first saw the horse I told him he probably would never be able to ride her because  her hoof was so bad. She was lame and if you rode her the crack would probably never heal fully.  He has been shoeing the horse and using Fiske`s on her foot every other day and you should see the improvement. He just got the okay form the Farrier to ride her.  Now he didn't start out by using Fiske he used a mixture of different products and ended up using your wonderful product, and he got better results with the use of it.  Now I use the product since it works so great for a lot of things. 

Thanks, Alanna Jelley Orilla, Ont.

"This is a picture of my 5 year old tobinao black/white piant gelding. His show name is WC PHAROAH but his stable name is Jag."

I have used the Fiske product as soon as it was available. I used it on my horse,dog and myself and I have had great success with all the products. The hoof product is the one I use the most because of its great versatility. I use it as a coating on the white hooves of my Paint show horse to make his hooves shiny for his halter classes which makes his hooves look natural. Fiske is the best product on the market by far. The rescue site I want is the East.

~ Jane Abbott, Windor, N.S.

Remember NO HOOF – NO HORSE!