Testimonials: Abscess on the Hoof - David Hayne, Farrier

This is a decription of how Fiske's worked when dealing with the hoof abscess. See the results, see how quickly Fiske's helped to heal the abscesses. Please be prepared these pictures are very graphic, and may offend some viewers.


Finding the abscess, on front right foot, October 31, 2008


A couple of days later  an abscess appears in front left foot  also

Covering the Sole

October 31, 2008

Now, in order to make horse comfortable I had to use a product that covers the whole sole to relieve ground pressure which causes pain ...

However, using a product to cover the sole can create a bigger fungus or bacteria problem because I have sealed off the oxygen …. But since the horse had another lame hoof  I was left with no other choice ...

I used FISKES OVER THE SOLE before I covered the   sole with the vettec product……

After ONE Month of Treatment

The end result ...IT WORKED with no sign of bacteria and now the horse

(in a month is trotting around the pasture!)

The Results - One Month Later …

See how much hoof I trimmed off (both hooves pictured) just one month later!!

Again...you don't really have to understand this but I wanted you to know that I am forever seeing how far FISKES can go in helping out lame horses!